Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Complete 1-60 Edited Video

From my guide you will have instant easy access to my entire video of me leveling 1-60 in 4 days 20 hours /played time to 60 on the new Jubei'Thos server (and the first to 60 on this server).
Total run time of all the movies combined is 35 hours.
The total size is 12.6 GB
I have the movie files nicely organized into level/zones within my guide!
100% of my gameplay from 1-60 is intact (except most of the whole thing is speeded up)
I even show what I do with my alts (bank/AH alts)
I carefully went through all of the videos and speeded up the boring parts, the more boring, the faster it's speeded up (such as flying, riding, or running around)
The video files go hand in hand with the text guide, the lvl/zone steps are the same with the text guide.
Use the videos as a tool. As your using the text guide and your wondering how I do certain quests, you can use the video to see how I do them and other techniques how I play.
I have added titles to let you know what's going on, what level I am, and for some parts, what quest I'm doing.
I have a lot of quests directly linked to my video of me doing that quest, so if you need to see a quick view on how that quest is done, you have that very nifty option of quickly watching these short video clips on how their done (again taken from my full 4 days 20 hours /played time run)
This video is 100% legit, there are NO hack/exploits at all in this video.

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